fighting global warming:
A cause worth
devoting all energies
Nos Solutions
Renewable energy production
Producing electricity from renewable energies such as wind and solar is one of the main keys to meet the inevitable growth in electricity consumption and a major climate crisis. But other technologies, other sources and other innovative solutions will be needed, and that's also what EREN Groupe is currently working on.
Energy savings
Even before decarbonizing the energy we are already using, the best way to reduce CO2 emissions is to save it...
Energy storage
The development of renewable energies, which are often intermittent but also sometimes overabundant, requires the ability to store these energies and explains the rapid development of chemical batteries. Through geothermal storage technologies as well as the use of phase-change materials, EREN Groupe is following a different path by creating thermal batteries capable of storing both cold and heat.
The history of EREN Group, which began over 40 years ago, is inextricably linked with the development of renewable energies and the reduction of greenhouse gases, in which it has been a pioneer.
But EREN Groupe is also
Culture and sport
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Press release
La greentech Accenta lève 108 millions d’euros pour accélérer la décarbonation des bâtiments.
Accenta renforce son capital auprès du fonds Siloé Infrastructures, et d’Eren Groupe
Press release
EREN sells its renewable energy subsidiary and accelerates its development
EREN Groupe, a leading player in the saving of natural resources, has announced the sale of its subsidiary Total Eren to TotalEnergie
Press release
Tryon raises €6m to accelerate the development of micro methanisation
Tryon Environnement, a French pioneer in the micro-methanisation of biodegradable food waste
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