The history of EREN Groupe:An entrepreneurial adventure at the core of the fight against global warming
The history of EREN Group began in 1979 when William Kriegel founded ENERGIES SA, which, in association with Compagnie Générale des Eaux, began building and operating hydroelectric powerplants in Europe. This was followed by the creation of the company SITHE, which specialized in cogeneration (the process of recovering and using the waste heat produced by gas turbines that generate electricity) and combined gas cycle (combining gas turbines and steam turbines). Listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1991, this company became one of the two largest independent electricity producers in the world.
The mid-1990s marked a turning-point towards wind power in Europe, with the company SIIF joining the EDF Group in 2000 and changing its name to EDF Energies Nouvelles in 2004. Lead by David Corchia and listed on the Paris Stock Exchange in 2006, the company is gradually establishing itself as one of the world leaders in solar and wind power generation. It was subjected to a friendly takeover bid by EDF in 2011 and has been integrated into EDF since then.
The following year, Pâris Mouratoglou and David Corchia created EREN Groupe, with the aim of developing a wide range of solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of numerous industrial sectors. The group naturally set up a subsidiary (EREN RE) dedicated to developing, funding and constructing renewable energy plants. It chose to focus strategically on countries with abundant wind or solar resources, to be able to produce electricity at a competitive cost, without the need for subsidies. The company expanded rapidly in Greece, Portugal and other European countries, as well as in India, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Australia. In 2017, it became part of the TOTAL Group (now TotalEnergies) and was renamed TOTAL EREN.
At the same time, EREN Groupe developed the INDUSTRIES branch, the goal of which was to support and finance the development of innovative technologies aiming at saving natural resources (water, energy, construction materials) and limiting CO2 emissions. Once again, the aim is to achieve a cost of savings lower than the value of the saved resource in order to enable a worldwide deployment without relying on public subsidies.
Through a number of companies (Accenta, Air2O, Fafco, etc.), the INDUSTRIES division now has a strong presence in the building and industrial process heating sector (Hevatech, H2P, etc.), which accounts for around 15% of current CO2 emissions worldwide. It is also active in the water management sector through Phytorestore (wastewater filtration using filter gardens, bio-mass recovery and green hydrogen production in partnership with Haffner) and Orège (methane production from industrial sludge).
Finally, as part of a long-term approach, EREN Groupe has chosen to help design and develop new nuclear technologies based on small high-temperature reactors (Jimmy Energie) or fast neutron reactors (Naarea).
Our historyfrom the 80s to the present day
Construction and operation of hydroelectric plants in Europe (ENERGIES)
Development of cogeneration and combined gas cycle activities (SITHE)
Listing on the New York Stock Exchange of SITHE, one of the world's two largest independent electricity producers
Creation of the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy in the Paris region
Launching of renewable wind energy activities (SIIF)
Acquisition of a minority stake in SIIF by the EDF Group
Increase of SIIF's capital giving EDF a 50% stake in the company, then taking the name EDF Energies Nouvelles in 2004
IPO of EDF Energies Nouvelles, a leader in renewable energies in Europe and North America
IPO of EDF Energies Nouvelles, a leader in renewable energies in Europe and North America
Creation of EREN Groupe and launch of EREN RE, a subsidiary specializing in developing, funding and constructing renewable energy plants
Creation of EREN INDUSTRIES with the goal of supporting and funding the development of innovative technologies aiming at saving natural resources and limiting CO2 emissions. Stake acquisition in the company Orège.
EREN-RE’s first fund raising with the participation of BPI France, NextWorld, Tikehau and FFP
The Mouratoglou Academy relocates to the south of France and becomes the most successful tennis academy in the world
TOTAL Group acquires a minority stake in EREN RE, which then takes the name TOTAL EREN - signing of a global strategic partnership agreement
Stake acquisition in Accenta (geothermal storage solutions aiming at reducing the thermal consumption of buildings)
Delta Dore EMS acquires 100% of Esmé Solutions - French manufacturer of building automation solutions
Stake acquisition in Haffner (production of hydrogen and biochar by biomass pyro-gasification) and Phytorestore (treatment of liquid organic sludge and biomass cultivation)
Stake acquisition in Naarea and Jimmy (new-generation nuclear power)
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