Our purpose
Technological innovation to save natural resources.
Global warming, which has been underway since the start of the industrial revolution, has accelerated in recent decades to the point where IPCC studies now predict a rise of between 3 and 4°C (between 37 and 39°F) before the end of the century. Apart from the consequences for the planet's inhabitants, it is absolutely vital to achieve carbon neutrality (0 net CO2 emissions) as soon as possible if we want to prevent the global warming process from getting out of hand and making life on earth problematic.Measures have to be taken: first and foremost, making energy savings and then replacing all uses of fossil fuels with electricity, particularly for the heating and the cooling of buildings, for transports and for the industrial sector. This replacement will result in doubling the electricity production, which will have to be decarbonized using wind, solar, large-scale hydro and nuclear power in particular.
To date, only 20% of the world's electricity mix is carbon-free. Over the next 30 years, the carbon-free electricity generation capacity, which was built over 60 years, will have to be increased tenfold. This represents an enormous effort, particularly in terms of investment. But beyond that, we will need to supply even more decarbonized energy to meet the needs of a growing global economy, which is essential to finance the transition and to meet the needs of a rapidly increasing world population.It will also be necessary to mobilize the major sources of energy savings. In line with its past activities, EREN Groupe's goal is to participate in this global effort by implementing innovative and efficient technologies in the fields of energy conservation, of decarbonized energy production and for the storage needed to offset the intermittent nature of certain renewable energy sources.
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